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I don't know what I or any of us can do personally to stop this sort of abuse, but I do know that we, as overly tolerant, oh-so-politically-correct multiculturalists and or cultural relativists are complicit in the abuse and deaths of these women. I wonder what the lady who had her face eaten away by acid thinks about our self-righteous, hands-off attitudes. I'm going to start researching to find a way to help. I know that every time a man does this to a woman he becomes more damaged and a bigger monster, everytime a boy sees something like this he is probably irreparably damaged and a new monster is potentially created, everytime a woman or girl sees this she is irreparably damaged and possibly becomes a new monster. Sometimes we are powerless to help, but sometimes we can at least find a way to help in some small way. I'm going to find that way.

Thu, 23 Oct 2008 09:03:00 UTC | #256161