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I'd like to pick up on something RD says in this piece:

If you were to actually travel around schools and universities and listen in on lectures about evolution you might find a fairly substantial fraction of young people, without knowing what it is they disapprove of, think they disapprove of it, because they've been brought up to

(I am assuming that RD is talking about the UK here, correct me if I am wrong)

I'd like to know WHO these young people are. Which "faith community / communities" are we talking about

Are they UK born and bred or immigrant'

We are always being told, and the figures bear it out, that christianity is on the wane in the UK. So if these young people are christian, one would expect their influence to wane also

I am just wondering if this is another example of the "polarisation" that is happening. Where, if you "go to church" you are more likely to be evangie and/or conservative.

Or is it simply a case that the evangies are getting more shrill and strident'


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