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Just wondering - how did the debate with Lennox in Oxford go? Disappointed that there has been no mention of this repeat Huxley/Wilberforce clash here.

As regards Scottish Geologists comment - there is no doubt that there is an increased interest in the young (18-30). I find it very difficult to get older people to come to church or debate but the 18-30 age group are much more open minded. At the Hitchens/Lennox debate I sat in front of an older couple who before the debate opined that of course the older people would be religious and the younger ones atheist. In fact - when it came to voting it looked to me as though the vast majority of those supporting Lennox were younger.

Richards thoughts on why this is happening are interesting. I think he has either actually helped us (unwittingly) or does not understand what causes people to turn to God.

Sat, 25 Oct 2008 12:48:00 UTC | #257700