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I haven't had a chance to watch the video but from what I have read, I think the real issue is how it is presented to the children and how it is reinforced. If the parents/teachers pass it off as "true", it will have a different effect than if they are told that they are just stories.

Richard's point above (and on the other thread) would be more a word of caution - intuition can be completely wrong. Research needs to be done.

Reading a number of "fairy tales", I would guess, would somewhat negate the seeming truthfulness of any of them. Reading the same book a number of times and not having anything to compare it with is a problem.

Just as teaching religions comparatively might negate some of the threat of dogmatic belief, letting kids read other myths and fairy tales might also hamper the efforts of parents to indoctrinate their children. (Wishful thinking? Possibly. Let's see the research before we assume anything to be true.)

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