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Richard, children know the difference between "make-believe" and reality, even at quite a young age: provided that trusted adults don't tell them that something is actually true.

Oh well, that's very nice to know. Obviously you've done the research, and so you know what you are talking about. Or do you just know, from your personal intuition, what children think?

I am agnostic about almost everything that is being said on this thread, and the other two threads on the same topic. Also, I have no view on Harry Potter. I know nothing about Harry Potter, one way or the other. I have never read Harry Potter, and, contrary to the More4 report, I never said anything about Harry Potter. All I said was that it would be nice to see some RESEARCH on the question of the influence of magical stories on children. I did not, and I do not, prejudge the result, and I offer no opinion. I am fed up with opinions and feelings.

Some people feel it is obvious that the death penalty deters murder. Some people feel it is obvious that violence on television and in computer games incites violence. Maybe it does and maybe it doesn't. Same with children and magic. I don't care what you feel, and I don't care what I feel. I want to see the evidence. Please stop telling us what you feel. Please stop telling us what your intuition is. Your intuitive feelings are of no interest whatsoever, and nor are mine. I don't give a bugger what you feel, or what I feel. I want to know that the evidence shows.

Mon, 27 Oct 2008 13:18:00 UTC | #258819