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22. Comment #272471 by a non e-moose

I'm a massive fantasy geek. As long as I'm clear that this is speculation, I will offer some. I think that it is quite possible that the more one knows about fantasy, and fiction, the easier it is to see common themes, and archetypes as the individuals, and stories that appear in religion.

A knowledge of them reveal the claims of "uniqueness" and so forth, obvious nonsense. It perhaps allows one to better judge the line between reality and fiction. Based on common indicators.

I've often contemplated how it was that I could be raised in such a fundamentalist family, and only have religious friends, and to have never believed it, or never found it inspiring. I think that it is quite possible, that I just had better fiction, and more inspiring characters than Christianity could offer at my disposal.

Could also be that the bible offers no significant female characters. Something that is a must for me.

23. Comment #272472 by Titania

You're right, I wasn't clear. That could have been easily misconstrued.

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