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But I think it's safe to say those that are hardcore religious (specifically Catholic faith) are usually less inclined to even consider reading a Harry Potter book. The Pope opposes them of course: "It is good that you explain the facts of Harry Potter, because this is a subtle seduction, which has deeply unnoticed and direct effects in undermining the soul of Christianity before it can really grow properly."

So maybe the Pope thinks minds of children could, past the point of accepting the Catholic faith, be feeble enough to allow a fiction book to corrupt their worldview? And the Pope mentions facts vs. Harry Potter, what is better contradictory fact than science? Unlike the Bible, the Harry Potter series admits it is a fictional tale from the start.

I think parents may sway to the same stance the Pope does. I don't really have any evidence, but you can Google "catholic" or "christian" and "Harry Potter" to view the numerous articles on bans of the book and hatred from the faith.

And disregarding my opinion that the tale of Harry Potter is much more probable of being true than the Bible, I don't think kids could seriously have a worldview today based upon witchcraft and wizardry.

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