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They haven't explicitly called him a "nigger" out loud, but they've definitely been using culturally loaded terms that imply it, like "uppity". They know exactly what image these words will invoke in their racist supporters, and they know they will automatically trigger the word "nigger" in their minds.


There's this little thing called wikipedia. It has information. About people. And stuff.

But in case you're too lazy, Barack Obama is a senator from Illinois who taught constitutional law for twelve years and is now running for president of the United States.

His tax plan would reverse the recent tax cuts for the extremely wealthy and bolster the middle class, while McCain's continues to favor billionaires and deregulation, which is how we ended up with a financial crisis in the first place; Obama's health insurance plan costs .3 trillion dollars more than McCain's but would cover 18 times as many uninsured citizens in the first year. Obama is pro-choice and pro-gay equality while McCain is ant-choice and anti-gay. While both are Christian and pander to the faith-based community, Obama is moderate and a proponent of the separation of church and state, while McCain is more extreme and believes America is a "Christian nation".

Also, Obama chose a running mate who isn't a pathetically stupid, theocratic nutjob.

As for Joe the Plumber, I believe it is McCain's campaign who is running around shoving him into everyone's face, using him to appeal to the basest fears and prejudices of the undereducated working class and frightening them by claiming Obama is a "socialist" who wants to take all their money and give it to people who don't deserve it (which in rural white America is automatically read as "blacks on welfare", and again, the McCain camp knows this racist stereotype exists and exploits it purposefully). The media's just stupidly running with it (like they ran with the crap about Bill Ayers, ACORN, Rev. Wright, etc.)

What I haven't seen is any sort of expose about McCain and his crazy VP pick. I hear a lot of crap about Wright but I don't see the mainstream media talking about the anti-semitic and homophobic pastors who endorsed McCain. I hear bitching about ACORN but very little mainstream coverage of the countless efforts by the McCain camp to suppress the vote. I don't see people discussing Palin's affiliation with an end times cult, or her association with a psychotic preacher from Africa who advocates witch burning; or her husband belonging to an organization that literally hates America and wants Alaska to secede from the union; or the fact that Palin does not consider people who bomb abortion clinics to be domestic terrorists.

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