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Oh, my word!
That was great. I've read the bible cover to cover. Prefered Lord of the Rings personally. But I did read it.

I'm confused though. Can't the people who made this film see how howlingly funny it is? Don't they realise see how blurred the line now is between their conviction and parody. I could easily see this on the Daily Show, with exactly the same script but different voice for the voice-over (maybe by John Hodgeman). It would become an instant comedy classic.

Thanks for doing our job for us guys, hats off.


Off to watch Bitchin' Hitchens demolishing a schmuck after a couple of brews. (Him, not me) If Carling did debates, they'd probably be.... no, I'll stop.


Thu, 30 Oct 2008 13:26:00 UTC | #261216