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I thoroughly enjoy reading posts from intelligent people on who write about politics. Particularly as they stumble through moral dilemmas with the ease of a skilled evangelist. I thought the very fruit of our intellectual labor is the ability to separate ourselves from organized groups defined by like world views.[herding cats] There is an excellent reason why rational, logical, open minded, free thinking people, who have a love for science and the truth, stay away from politics. They have absolutely no problem pointing out the deficiencies entrenched in each political group. Unfortunately, a large percentage of my fellow atheists are considered single party voters, a majority of which are democrats. What bothers me is they view wealth redistribution as a healthy idea for an organized society. It takes a very minimal amount of economic understanding to know this drives down incentive for both financial groups. You have to “MAKE A LIVING” if you are of able body and mind. When you decide not to, you should be punished with starvation. This is Human Darwinian Evolution in my opinion.

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