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What bothers me is they view wealth redistribution as a healthy idea for an organized society.

Explain what you mean by this. Not, I take it, paying a proportion of your salary for services provided by the community to all, I take it'
If, when struck down through no fault of your own, there is nothing coming to you in the way of helping you recover and get back to being a useful member of society, you would accept that' If you are hit by a car and incapacitated, you'd starve' You'd allow a soldier who fought in a war and was injured - a war decided on by people sitting safely far away - you'd not lift a finger to help'
Oddly, there is indirect evidence of H. erectus (I believe) helping an incapacitated member of its community survive. From then came H. sapiens - us. That is evolution. Helping others in a society is what we evolved to do.

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