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This reminded me of a story I watched on television about an infamous bank siege in the USA a few years back where the bank robbers were heavily armed with assault rifles and full body armour. A policeman was critically wounded and had to be retrieved under fire by his colleagues. He almost died and even then nearly lost a leg.

What astounded me was that he gave most of the credit for his survival to god, with much lesser thanks to the courage and selflessness of his fellow officers whom risked their own lives to save his. As for the skill and dedication of the host of medical staff, from the ambulance crew through to doctors and nurses, that toiled for hours if not days and weeks to save not only his life but also his leg, they hardly got a mention. It was all due to big sky daddy. As an emergency services worker myself(volunteer rural fire brigade) his attitude made me want to puke.

Sun, 02 Nov 2008 00:17:00 UTC | #262847