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I am pleased both that these issues are being debated in public, but also that the interest is so high.

Any challenge to religion must be answered and the old rote response is no longer gaining traction. Just asserting "There are no gods" means that it must first be accepted by the brain, THEN discounted. The brain has trouble using nonsense to dismiss it (even though it may be rejected, it will still be there, niggling away with questions forever). Confront, challenge and perservere. Whilst Hitch is great, even a mediocre debater can open arguments in the audiences' minds, cause them to think. Often they will recognise an argument as lame and build a stronger one against their own beliefs before they realise.

I am just ducking out but will call by again in a couple of hours. Loved the line about shepherds not loving their flocks but fleecing and eating them instead :)

Wed, 05 Nov 2008 13:42:00 UTC | #265335