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Unrelated to this linked article, Hitchens appeared yesterday early evening as a commentator on an Australian TV news show about the US election outcome.

He must carry considerable credibility as a guest commentator, however his value to the TV network in conferring his credibility to an inept TV show conflicted with the unwillingness of the host to facilitate his opinions – which were tarnished as being undesirably analytical, rational, and inappropriate for this time of celebration.

The impression I got was that he was invited to appear and offer his opinions, and then got trashed because he was daring to offer his opinions, rather than merely bask in the glory of this historic occasion – as the guest commentators complied with.

About the only point he got through, by talking over the host who was continually interrupting, was that people are getting cause and effect confused. Obama’s election victory, contrary to popular journalist opinion, logically cannot cause improvement in the civil rights of blacks – his victory is a consequence of previous improvements in human rights for American blacks.

More importantly he also pointed out that the outcome of promises made by both candidates is that the US engaging in war against Iran is inevitable, creating a very high risk, until US policy becomes clear, that either Iran or Israel will realise they cannot afford to fail to exploit any brief period of uncertainty. (Likely to be drawn out given the global depression.)

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