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Now isn't this MUCH more awe-inspiring than some bronze age myths and miracles ? Those we heard about not just second hand, but umpty-dozenth hand. THESE we can see with our own eyes. And just wait until next week, or next month, or next year ! It is only going to get better.

(Pedant rears head)......why is it that people working with these measurements DAILY cannot pronounce the word properly ?? There is no such word as kil-AW-meter. It is kilo-meeter. Just like milli-meeter. Or kilo-gram. It does NOT rhyme with speedometer. The kilo prefix indicates 'thousands' of something. Yes, Carolyn does a good job, and she has been part of space science for many years, but for goodness sake, she sounds like Dubya and "nuke-you-lar". (Pedant resumes seat.)

Thu, 06 Nov 2008 13:44:00 UTC | #266157