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I normally use kiloMETRE, to further emphasize that it is a unit of length, as opposed to a "meter", a device for measuring something. But I figured I would raise enough hackles trying to correct pronunciation, let alone spelling, which of course was not provided in an audio recording. For those who cannot get their tongues around kilo-metre, try using "klicks". This was used by the U.S. space program people.

On a related item, I am informed the word halogen (as regards light bulbs) is pronounced "hay-lo-gen". NOT "hal-o-gen" as in the computer Hal from the movie, a common mis-pronunciation. This would align with "halides", from chemistry. Just thought some of you would like to know. (Pedant resumes seat)

Bottom line is that the achievement is spectacular. If they ever need volunteers for a manned, but one-way mission to Mars, or to "infinity and beyond !", count me in.

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