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Did anybody go to Slate and read the whole article? The conclusion seemed to be that in America atheists are less generous than believers, but this is because they are excluded from the hyper-religious community around them, but in Sweden and Denmark, where people don't believe in god but have church rituals (i.e. community) they're even nicer and have lower murder and rape rates.

So there.

It's unfortunate that this website only put up the first two "teaser" paragraphs.

Last paragraph:

The sorry state of American atheists, then, may have nothing to do with their lack of religious belief. It may instead be the result of their outsider status within a highly religious country where many of their fellow citizens, including very vocal ones like Schlessinger, find them immoral and unpatriotic. Religion may not poison everything, but it deserves part of the blame for this one.

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