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I would suggest posters read the full article and follow the link to the author's own work and findings. He thoroughly demolishes the whole fiction of "mean atheists" and puts the blame squarely on those theist in xtian dominated societies (eg USA) that marginalise and vilify atheists.

Where this doesn't happen, the diff between theists and atheists evaporates (eg Sweden & Denmark).

What isn't mentioned is the whole "outrider clipping" issue practiced by all groups but turned into a science by organised religions. christians are NOT nice to muslims. They also aren't all that friendly to jews (killed christ), atheists (pick any hate argument you want), hindus (ragheads like muslims). Then you can start on the christian warrior groups, the KKK, the temperance wowsers etc. This loose affiliation of predominantly christ deluded is possibly the most divisive, toxic, hate filled and meanest group in society. Throw in the excesses of the jihadists and the state sanctioned terrorism of the Israeli theocracy and it soon become clear who is "mean".

Piety = Poison

Good article

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