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PZ Myers chimes in on this article here

And suggests something that I think is an extremely bad idea - an "atheist community".

I have no objection to secularist communities, or rationalist communities, or whatever. But I think the idea of an "atheist community" is plain wrong.

I don't want others determining who my "community leaders" are, and telling me who I have to be allies with, and then, if I disagree with them, accuse me of "trying to split the community".

This also seriously damages the idea that atheism isn't a thing in itself, just an absense.

I don't want anyone labelling me by my beliefs about religion in this way. I want beliefs about religious matters to be private, and kept out of public life. Call me a secularist, or a rationalist. Those are positive viewpoints about the world. If we are going to organise, it should be based on what we want to achieve, not about our beliefs (or lack of beliefs) about deities. To assume by default that I am after any political action simply because I am an atheist is wrong.

Fri, 07 Nov 2008 15:56:00 UTC | #266782