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I loathe charity as much as Christians love it.

Deaf friends of mine made me see the light on this issue. A charitable gift is not a right. It cannot be relied upon or negotiated with. It comes bundled with pity, often condescension, and generally obligations. Contrast that with a society that quietly enables those disabled by chance and then treats them as the equals they are.

It is no surprise that religious and right tend to go together as much as atheism and left of centre thinking.

Should I join Stephen Green and Christian Voice in condemning the UK State for variously destroying so many opportunities for personal charity, or should I feel I have done my duty in voting for the politicians who did so wonderful a job?

A charity's only legitimate job is to shame governments into action.

EDIT I have NO problem with many lesser charities, dealing with one off local needs, animals etc. Nor with charities that spring up quickly in the face of new problems. Governments do move slowly....

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