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Until September I worked at a secondary school where one of the science teachers was a creationist, and one of the science technicians had her doubts about evolution. Christians of course. It's likely to get worse there: I left when the school became an Academy - run by ULT, a branch of the CoE...

If such teachers keep their bonkers unscience out of the classroom, they're welcome to it. But it's hard to believe they can teach natural selection properly if they can't see past their faith to the strength of the evidence. It's worrying. I'M not a science teacher, and I seem to have a much better understanding of evolution than many people paid much more than me precisely to understand and communicate evolution.

Perhaps we should be filtering these folks out. Ben Stein claims we're doing it anyway, so might as well get hung for the sheep as the lamb... :)

Sun, 09 Nov 2008 16:46:00 UTC | #267385