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The real villains are the teacher trainers. These people should be exposed for the utter pig-ignorant cretins they are. Woolly-minded cat-herders lecturing off yellowing, dog-eared lecture notes they slung together in 1955 and haven't revised since. Such people probably find creationism "attractive" merely because it seems scandalously different and excites them for its "audacity". Fire ALL current science teacher trainers say I. Then put them in wooden stocks and hurl faeces and rotten food at them. The classroom teachers "at the coalface" are merely using the mental software they were provided with at the time of their induction into the profession. This really is a case of "having a mind so open, your brains fall out". DEATH to all cretinous teacher trainers - in whatever subject where they tolerate the religious charlatans.

Sun, 09 Nov 2008 19:05:00 UTC | #267412