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To be fair to the author, a little reading comprehension is in order. The author mentions, "Nearly a third of teachers, who responded to an email poll for Teachers TV, think creationism or intelligent design should be given the same status as evolution."
The next statement is, "Of the 248 science teachers who responded, 18% agreed that the two very different theories should have equal status."
So there were many teachers who responded, and 248 of them were science teachers. 18% of them are creationists/creation apologists (probably scientists such as aeronautical engineers who have no background in biology). Of the teachers surveyed as a whole, one third are creationists or have been sucked in by the "equal time" nonsense. It's very simple, just read it carefully and then get huffy about it. :)

Sun, 09 Nov 2008 20:27:00 UTC | #267435