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Books can only be sold and distributed AFTER they have been written, published and printed. The same goes for loaves of bread, polish, computers or any other commodity you care to name. The people who work in Waterstones may not be creators of wealth, but their employer realises a part of the total surplus value by employing them, and can, hopefully, still make a profit by doing so. The circulation of commodities is part of the process of capitalism. "Unproductive" workers like those who work in banking and insurance (or book selling) still provide profit for their employers. Otherwise they are put out of work, witness BT and the like. Sorry Roger, you have to look at the system as a whole, not just the workers in factories.

I repeat that wealth can only be created by human labour applied to nature given materials.

Sat, 15 Nov 2008 16:16:00 UTC | #270930