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Ancient turtle discovered on Skye

How timely.

And as for JRTate, I NEVER consider myself petty in this regard. Proper use of your native language is a sign of your level of education. What would you think of someone who mis-pronounced your own name ? Repeatedly, even after you took the time to correct them. Would you feel insulted ? Would you feel the person doing it was being deliberately rude, or just mentally challenged and unable to speak properly ? When we teach our infant children to speak, hopefully we try to teach them the "right" way to say words. That is so they will be understood by all who hear them. Next time you go by a Porsche dealer, drop by and ask them how they pronounce the name of the car they sell. It is rude and/or ignorant to mis-pronounce the name. Pick one. Or both.

Reminds me of the old joke - What is the difference between a Porsche and a Porcupine ?

Answer - On the Porcupine, the pricks are on the outside.

Wed, 19 Nov 2008 04:35:00 UTC | #272818