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#9 rod-the-farmer

Layla, is that not the National Geographic girl ? What a haunting beauty.

I was wondering how long it would take somebody to notice! Yes, this is an outtake picture of Sharbat Gula, one they didn't use at the time. I was a bit disappointed when they found her again that the National Geographic staff didn't offer to help her emigrate somewhere, or at least offer her some of the money she's helped them earn. (Well, maybe they did, but she or Mr. Sharbat Gula turned it down -- they didn't say.)

One of the reasons I picked it was because I frequently try to hide my face, whether I'm nervous, embarrassed, frightened...I can easily see why many women prefer to hide their faces, honestly.

Incidentally, about tortoises:
And finally they returned yet again to the land as tortoises, some of which, though not the Galápagos giants, now live in the driest of deserts.

I knew somebody who owned a desert tortoise, not uncommon as pets around here, who acted almost like a dog. He would beg for food, scratch at the door, and liked being "petted". He was so cute!

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