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@ Rod the farmer
"To get the point across I say (falsely) that I own a COR-VET-EEE."

correctly, that should be Corvett-uh, with a guttral rhotic consonant on the R.
- Porsche, which should correctly be pronounced Porch-uh not Porsh-ee..that would , i suppose, make someone who has been Porche-d by someone who is a Porsch-er (as in poacher - poachee).

I dont think its petty to insist on correct pronunciation - in the Orient (the continent, not the local restaurant), that approach could get you into serious trouble!

Never confuse precision for pedantry

oh - and Lucas, i have never heard of a Spanish infliction - unless you're talking about what they did to the Aztecs....i suspect you may mean affliction, or possibly inflexion?

Wed, 19 Nov 2008 07:04:00 UTC | #272881