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I'm saying that it needn't be an option of either 'ground' or 'hyperspace'. I'm saying we haven't reached the limits of inquiry which may change our perspective on what we know today.
We can either extrapolate based on our current knowledge, and close the book on further inquiry, or we can go forward.

You mean that absolutely no-one in that race would ever want to take a trip to the stars?

No. Basically, I'm saying the need to explore, to find out, makes more sense than the need to set up camp wherever one finds oneself.
Let's say you live in a country where everything is as you think it should be, essential needs are met, etc. You take a boat ride across the ocean for the knowledge it might bring and curiosity's sake. You find other lands, civilizations, and people, but nothing that would compel you to take up residence there, and nothing that would better meet a need than you would find in your own country. You return home with what you have learned, but you haven't necessarily left your mark on where you've been, or felt the desire to spread across the new area you have seen.

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