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I believe its high time science was brought to the attention of the general public.
When I was a child, in Australia we had some great childrens science shows. The curiosity show, hosted by Prominent scientists of the day, & Why Is It So, with Julius Somner Miller. His passion was contagious.

Educating the next generation is essential if we want a more informed public in the future. The young adults who are into mysticism & other pagan marketing ploys are lost to us now.

Equal media time, page & air space would be a good start. Just a fraction of the time wasted on
reality TV could do immense good.

Scientists are rarely interviewed for thier opinions on anything outside thier field of expertise, sometimes not even then.

The public profile of scientists is almost non existant. The only Scientists who are prominant in the media are the cute & cuddly, non confrontational types.

There are exciting new discoveries every week & they go unnoticed by the public. They all know the sports results, horrorscopes, & other meaningless data, however thier ignorance of scientific progress is remarkable.

Pure science is not even on the radar of the public. Science to them means technology, this is an issue we have to address.

More working Scientists should be out there explaining & defending reason & critical thinking.
If more people understood how science thinks, the enemies of reason would not get away with the pseudo science & misquotaion they depend so heavily on.

Non religious people fall prey to superstition because they dont know what is known.
Once the public is brought up to speed with scientific progress they will be better armed against the spiritual snake oil.

It would be nice if one day people knew the names of the leading scientists in different fields as well as they do Politicians or sports people.

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