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Jamie V
Hi,a great post!Your sentence 'Teach me! Show me!
Boggle my mind -then explain it to me!just about sums up the way to teach children science.I found with my own 2 sons,now 15 and 13 and science and technology lovers that showing from a very young age is vital.Your garden is full of treasures like stones frogs insects plants EVERYTHING.If you teach a child not just that a paper bag goes bang but how the muscles in his arms make it happen he will thirst after learning.Books come later,show him things first to fire his natural curiosity and he will find the means to learn himself.I was fortunate to have marvelous history and chemistry teachers at school.The history teacher was an archeaologist who brought in the most simple but exciting artifacts for us to handle,fossils,coal, rocks and coins.The chemistry teacher was like something out of Harry Potter,making bangs and smells and colours.I vividly remember these guys and their lessons over forty years later.The god nonsense need never raise it's unwelcome head!

Tue, 25 Nov 2008 00:59:00 UTC | #276417