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BrianJames "Pure science is not even on the radar of the public. Science to them means technology, this is an issue we have to address."

Methinks yo do protest too much. Try walking round aany half decent bookshop in the UK or a decent public library or look at the BBC News web site or any half decent newspaper (as well as the Daily Mail). Developments in science are not only widely and frequently reported but also, similarly, read.

In the main bookshop in the town where I live, science books probably outnumber books on religion by 10-1 or maybe 20:1 (depending on definition of science).

We can all whing about how ignorant others are of our own knowledge. So what? Historians complain that "the public" don't understand history, economists that "the public" and much of business are ecdonomically illiterate, engineers that people don't get engineering.

It is a fact of life that we all specialise and all have deeply limited knowledge of most areas outside of our core expertise.

Complaining that the "public" are ignorant belongs in the Daily Mail and the Torygraph. It's the whinge of the old fart through history.

Even if people are well educated, they will be attacked with the same idiotic nonsense. As the philosopher Isiah Berlin once concluded, clever people are either those with a little knowledge of a lot of subjects or those with a lot of knowledge about a single subject. None of us are real polymaths. Indeed, we are all basically rank amateurs about the vast majority of subjects.

I point out that you to, Brian, are a member of the very same public which you seem to despise for their ignorance.

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