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Here is an idea:

Wouldn’t it make sense to have a special corner on designated to the different enemies of reason? One of the leading candidates for top dog in this category has to be that spoon-bending guru of no reason at all, Dr Deepak Chopra. We could report and expose these guys for what they are; a bunch of pretenders who ‘know’ the unknowable, like ‘knowing’ that there is an afterlife.

Larry King on CNN gives all these supernatural and paranormal nutcases exposure. Here is what Deepak said to the American Nation last week, on Nov 26th:

“People like Richard Dawkins are not addressing the basic mystery of our existence. Where is consciousness, what is the source of our thought, memory, desire, imagination, intention, intuition. I think that is one of the biggest unsolved mysteries today in science and if we throw the baby out with the bathwater we will not address these mysteries”.

One of the commentators on Chopra’s posted this in response:

“Could it be Deepak that you are throwing the baby out with the bathwater?

In many of Richard’s books one gets a step-by-step account through evolutionary biology with wonderful, factual explanations why we are the way we are. And when it comes to consciousness, memory, desire, imagination, intention, intuition etc. Richard’s pal, Daniel Dennett, and your neighbour V.S. Ramachandran (as well as any others) are discovering daily, with science, where these traits have their origin”.

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