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Hmm... I think Hitchens's approach is quite good - but there were a lot of opportunities to directly dismantle and fatally rebut his assertions of the impossibility of the development of consciousness and mentality in a naturalistic, physicalist universe without god.

Wilson doesn't present arguments for this, though the students of the apology-class and many more in the audience will have read (during their studies) texts with elaborate formulations of such arguments... and thus he can feel confident that they will see his position as supported by arguments and his "argument" for the impossibility of mentality and consciousness and free will in a naturalistic, physicalist universe as not being addressed by Hitchens.

Man, if such a person as Wilson can make his living with such intellectual diarrhoea, surely it must be possible for me when I have my Doctor Title to make a better living from an academic career in philosophy than he ever could... I hope.

At least, that would be the case if the world was fair :)

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