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Without philosophy you have no politics or science, at all. One's philosophy is essentially everything they are, doesn't have to necessarily have a name. I think it's quite the mark of the boring Soviet like materialist (I don't mean to say you are as brutal, only as boring) to say that philosophy did nothing for humanity. It's like those that justify space with medicine, plants, and frying pans (Dawkins has certainly addressed the frying pan part) or that medicine and technology is all science is. I see it as the same thought process. I think the reason why religion exists at all, and why it's so appealing is one, because of this apparent curve towards servility in us all, but more importantly because we all need a philosophy to live by. Most are intellectually lazy/bankrupt it seems and/or were born in a time when you were really forced to be either by the lack of human experience or some forms of oppression. There's your benefit of religion coming first. I apologize if this was already said, but I have to reply quickly to saying philosophy goes on the opposite of science.

And it is certainly no coincidence that real philosophy was born out of Ionia with Thales, as was science.

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