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4. Comment #293997 by Gwiss on November 30, 2008

Maybe it's a message delivered to our collective unconscious by the Super Friends: Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Mohamed, Seaman, Joseph Smith, Krishna, Lao Tzu. They must be in need of our help!!

You missed out Mary Baker Eddy, and who's Seaman?

It's a reference to South Park's "Super Best Friends" episode, in which it is revealed that despite their adherents' bickering, the prophets of the major religions are actually a team of superhero-like friends who protect the world. Seaman is just a joke 'misfit' character in the group whom the others like to ridicule.

Interestingly South Park completely got away with having Mohamed (therefore an image of Mohamed)in the episode. This was disallowed and censored by Comedy Central in subsequent episodes, due to the Danish cartoon fiasco.

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