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We've got something huge on Jesus now.

He wasn't Jack Black. Shoulda, coulda, wasn't.

And, at any rate, it doesn't take much, whether the religious like it or not, to point out the tenets of biblical morality that they no longer uphold... the stoning, the selling and sacrifice of daughters etc.

The bible is so caught up in its injunctions that it ignores what impact such trespasses have on other human beings. This video makes lightness of it, but homosexuality does not threaten heterosexuality at all, despite what many religious today believe, nor does it pose harm to heterosexuals.

Even the Dalai Lama said its unnatural and prohibitive, if only for buddhists.

Morality is a question of happiness versus suffering. Sam Harris expressed this and I think he is correct.

We CAN count on the fact that society always pushes on, and if people spurred blindly by doctrine cannot extricate themselves from a parochial worldview, society's march will.

"Does it keep you up at night in sweat-dripping fear to know that two men in the next house are passionately love-making?"

"Well, no."


On all these issues, it may be worth coming out and just asking...

"Alright, guys, do you want to do this the easy or the hard way? Do you wish to accept now that scripture is the uninformed consensus of goat herders and unfit to marshal modern sensibilities on this matter and frankly, all others, or do you wish to wait some short years until the moral zeitgeist whisks you off your feet and you find yourself disobeying doctrine anyway?"

And if the Dalai Lama will continues to say that homosexuality is a sin, we can use this to highlight the problem of being the same man with the same period mindset re-incarnated over and over again...

From the article:

'But he did note that this rule is for Buddhists, and from society's viewpoint, homosexual relationships can be "of mutual benefit, enjoyable, and harmless." '

A clue, Sherlock!

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