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"I really think that for a lot of people that answer would be, "Well, yes." If they (as a group) had a visceral loathing for shellfish, they would quote that part of Leviticus."

If it was pondered enough to disrupt sleep, I imagine we would be having a lot more crises of faith and conversions to atheism.

I would still submit that neither indulgence of homosexuality nor shellfish negatively affect the sleeping patterns of Christians.

And if it does, they're forgetting that we're going to Hell. Isn't that why they love harping about it so much? The sadistic glee of seeing others suffer in the cause of righteousness?

Ah, the snores are reasserting themselves...

If must be the anxiety of being "turned" that drives their fear... that they will succumb to sin. But that would only serve to demonstrate their ignorance of sexuality.

And I should add, that even if it did keep them up at night, that would only underline the dubiousness of belief and religious doctrine- which is what our fight... at least, my fight... is about... a dubiousness which motivates the religious and fuels all the other ails.

Here's to sleepless nights- the sooner that the religious will wake up and behold truth untethered by superstition- behold things such as the Hubble pictures.

One of which is my wallpaper.

Christopher answered Douglas Wilson's beauty charge, with "Truth is Beauty."

I've got to say, I'm with both Harris and Hitchens.

How can you argue that Truth is not Beauty except on the most petty materialist grounds?

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