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What is worn at a gay wedding? Whatever you want to wear really - there isn't a time-honoured set of traditional protocols to follow, so it's up to the individuals involved to design their ritual themselves.

Personally I want a richly decorated white robe. That's a given, no budging me on that. I am tending toward classical stylings at the moment - think Socrates and Alcibiades, Harmodius and Aristogeiton, Hadrian and Antinous or Zeus and Ganymede. I'm toying with the idea of having my eromenos bare-chested during the ceremony, but that strays dangerously close to pornography and may arouse the jealousy of the guests. The officiant will be made to wear an impressive gold mask styled after apollo, and our names will be signed in the most hefty medieval tome I can find, latinised, naturally, using quills made from the pinfeather of a beautiful male swan and ink distilled from my own tears. Obviously there will be a finely-carved silver chariot pulled by one white horse and one black horse to bear us away afterwards, and I will check all the speeches beforehand for a suitably olympian rhetorical tone. My side of the family will probably be dressed as Athenian hoplites and members of the Areopagus, his as Roman legionaries and senators.

Sigh, a boy can dream at least...

Wed, 03 Dec 2008 12:54:00 UTC | #282325