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Let's correct some misunderstandings:
1) Home Education is perfectly legal in the UK. It is a parent's responsibility to see that their child is educated - "...either by regular attendance at school or otherwise..."
2) You do not have to have anyone's permission
3) If your child has never been registered in school, you don't even have to inform anyone.
4) You do not have to adhere to any standard curriculum

I have educated my kids out of school for more than 20 years. Unlike the US, there is not the preponderance of bible-based wingnuts - I'm a 6.5 on the TGD scale myself. Most of us just want to do a better job than the test-dominated command and control system imposed by the government. My older daughter graduated last year with a First in Pure Maths, having been educated out of school for most of her career to age 16. Our oldest son, on the other hand, now has a full-time job as an office administrator, having eschewed the academic route in favour of a more practical approach. (He has now achieved NVQ Level 3 at age 18). The term "Home education" as we practice it is a misnomer. It really means not confined to school for 30-odd hours per week, with a curriculum dictated by officials who have no knowledge of the children receiving it. My younger kids (aged 7 & 8) are already getting a basic understanding of science and maths - including a good grounding in evolution(!) - whilst spending far longer than their harassed school contemporaries playing imaginary games, socialising with their peer-group, learning a language and a musical instrument, playing organised sport and so on.
We're not loonies - most of us :) - just parents wanting the best for our kids.


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