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this guy is quite amazing he seems so kind, and what he says about the unification of faiths/religions interests me. I mean that would be amazing because i think you would need a level of rationality and and progressive thinking to try and build bridges, or to even unify religion. It would be such a monumental reform but obviously it would be gradual not something overnight, and it could occur best with an increased belonging in society i mean where inter faith people can mix together, i am an ex muslim, and i can say that people who are religious tend to be more kinder to me [this could be hard to apply to muslims] and i feel this is why it could work; if they could stop trying to highlight the contradictions with each other and increase that sense of belonging through wanting to understand and finding commonalities than why not but then the idea of recognition of jesus from jews and the same with muhammad from Christians seems quite unlikely.

However it would definitely require some rationality and post structuralist thinking to unify the faiths, and with such an intellectual basis you can make the argument that interpretation of scripture will be from a more mature perspective thus reducing the violent reactions from religious thinking
ammar minhas

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