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...then mankind would fight purely for concrete reasons, such as resources.

Goldy, this is what mankind tends to fight for. The religious justifications are often a smokescreen. What is the Israel problem about? Land and water. What is the Iraq War about? Oil and shipping lanes. Almost all major wars can be explained by resource management. The politics and religion and idealogy are just used by the ones in control to convince the populace to support a war that is really about something else.

(And before anybody freaks out, I don't think the Iraq War is JUST about oil, of course. The motivations are always complicated and convoluted and multifaceted.)

The justification for the assumption that the supernatural exists is the assumption that the evidence lies outside the realm of nature.

Nicely put, wolf. Turn that into a proscription with the "is" replaced by a "cannot be" and you have a good debating point.

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