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120. Comment #299758 by Corylus on December 10, 2008 at 11:11 am
avatarOh for pity’s sake. Enough with the paranoia, Skep.

Roger is well known as someone working hard to prevent the creep of creationism and pseudo-scientific BS in British schools – an extremely worthwhile aim.

I am sure he gets sent a great deal of information via pm about educational issues and people of interest – I am sure of this because I have sent him stuff myself.

The point of telling people they have a PM is if you want to be sure that they get it urgently (sometimes the notification can take a little time) and the mail is only seen if you go into your account and check

I think you mistake my point. I made no criticism of ShadesOfGrey for posting that he'd sent Roger a PM. That is pretty common practice. It was Rogers **public** and seemingly coy response to the secret content of the PM that I commented on, where he wrote:
shadesofgrey - thanks for the PM. It was a very valuable piece of evidence as to what is going on. We'll follow it up.

I'd call my post slightly speculative, not paranoid. Tell me how my post is unreasonable, based on what Roger wrote above. I responded:
here was no good reason for you to reply to a PM in the forum, except, perhaps, to coyly hint that the criticisms found in this thread are, perhaps, part of a conspiracy that you have now been secretly informed of and will investigate...or, so it might seem to the outside observer looking in.

Tell me, why don't you, how that comment is wholly without possible merit based on Roger's post, and why.

Wed, 10 Dec 2008 11:19:00 UTC | #285688