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the antievolution parody that is so easy to play probably isnt a good thing as its not really honest but does prove a good point. You can easily pretend to be a creationist and get pats on the back but to be a fake evolutionist takes a bit more thought, and if indeed you can actually explain evolution theres a good chance you will accept it anyway!!(when a creationist brings up evo and challenges it i first play dumb and then ask them 'so what do you mean by evolution?' and lo and behold the VAST majority dont have a clue, but of course that would be like me expecting the average person to explain some highschool stuff like the haber process and rates of reaction, funny how most people are 'experts' in evolutionary science enough to be able to dismiss it but struggle to understand food nutrition information labels for eg.

I recenty posted on youtube (silly me) a sarcastic remark (justifiable in this case) about design, I got a nasty aggressive reply which I felt was interesting as had I said the exact same thing as a creationist and non sarcastically the insulter would probably have felt my words quite reasonable.

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