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This was how I "rationalized" my faith when I was a moderate Christian. Little by little I admitted that more and more religions and types of people were deserving of "salvation" that it eventually became meaningless and I could see through my own excuses. I actually believed that instead of believers dying and going to heaven and non-believers(non-christians) going to hell, that after each person died, they met Christ who gave them one last chance. That way, in my mind, only truly grumpy folks who really wanted than pain of hell would get it. It was really quite sad and pathetic. Glad I was able to "come up for air" as it were, and get over my many superstitions.

And speaking of "my god" versus "your god", this reminds me of the pilot episode of The West Wing, in which Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman started a PR nightmare for the white house when he got into a shouting match with a Christian Right lady:

lady: you don't believe in any god I pray to!!
josh: lady, your god is too busy being indicted for tax fraud!

Later in the episode when the fundagelicals in question come to the white house, the prez kicks them out, great scene.

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