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Hello everyone,

I teach English in Japan, in fact I have just finished a week of christmas lessons. Pretty bloody hilarious actually - the homeroom teacher in one class asked the kids what they know about christmas, one boy stuck up his hand and said (in Japanese) "Santa was born in a stable on christmas day..."
Anyway, there is a kindergarten near one of my schools, and it is owned by the catholic church. It is popular with parents as it is in the centre of town and is also the only one in the area that offers English classes, courtesy of myself and a couple of other volunteers. The kids love it so I gloss over the religion bit. Tomorrow is their nativity play. Not one parent (most of whom are Buddhists) complained about their kids having to learn about Christianity. One parent from this kindergarten told me that they want their kids to know the stories, simply because it makes them more aware of the world outside the rural area in which I live. She thinks that western culture and religion are intertwined, and doesn't worry about her kids "catching Catholicism" because she wants them to be informed about the choices they will have to make. I wonder if the parents in the article realise that their own church is doing the activity they object to so much.


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