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Why not simply remove the teaching of religions to the history curriculum?

It is hard enough teaching history, without confusing it with complex stories that people use to believe. It is bad enough that vast parts of the populations knowledge of history before the current era consists of Egyptians, Dinosaurs, some vague concept of a Big bang.

Whilst it is fair to explain some religion to explain context of historical people's actions (e.g. Crusades, English Reformation, English Civil War, Pilgrim Fathers), but that hardly is a balanced view of religion, nor necessarily a balanced view of history. Sometimes, as in the Pilgrim fathers, the story takes on more significance than the actual event (most American immigrants were probably convicts, slaves, or economic migrants).

I have some sympathy with the religious nut cases on this one. I want to retain the right to educate my child in accordance with my (lack of) religious views. Okay in this case I'd probably want my child to attend this course, but forcing comparative religion on those who don't want it isn't progressive in my view.

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