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I don't understand why I should give a rats patootie whether the OT's fictional "God" character is morally better or worse than Gandalf or Dumbledore (who are both much better developed by their authors). The whole discussion assumes, contrary to all probability, that such a non-evolved intelligence exists. This author (Paul Copan) can't conceive of a universe in which evolution really happened, and neither can Paul Davies:

Despite naturalists' hijacking the foundations of science as their own, physicist Paul Davies sets forth the simple truth: "Science began as an outgrowth of theology, and all scientists, whether atheists or theists ... accept an essentially theological worldview."
Naturalists do not "hijack the foundations" of science, since science is not foundational, no matter what he and Davies think. Science began, and continues, as an escape from foundational theological certainty into the non-foundational probability of the best explanations that fit the evidence and fit with each other. Davies has never understood that.

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