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Childhood indoctrination is terribly powerful. Even so, it still amazes me that so many people can come through a basic science education (i.e. a B.Sc.) and still believe in the supernatural. But for people to come through a science education and still not even be able to distinguish between what is and what is not science, just makes my jaw drop.

I've been thinking of putting in my application for a teaching degree, and an even more disturbing thought has occurred to me as of late. If I were asked this question during an admission interview, and I don't give a weaselling, politically correct, religion-friendly answer; do I then risk being rejected from admission for exhibiting religious intolerance? I have a sneaking suspicion that I do take such a risk.

Anyone out there with experience on such an admission committee care to comment?

Tue, 23 Dec 2008 11:58:00 UTC | #291156