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'I've been thinking of putting in my application for a teaching degree, and an even more disturbing thought has occurred to me as of late. If I were asked this question during an admission interview, and I don't give a weaselling, politically correct, religion-friendly answer; do I then risk being rejected from admission for exhibiting religious intolerance? I have a sneaking suspicion that I do take such a risk.'

I did a PGCE a few years ago when the creationism and religion in schools question wasn't quite such a hot topic but there is no way I would have said what I really thought at the interview or while was studying there- the thought police were always on the look out for anyone they thought might be anti- religion or as they put it 'racist'. They were obsessed with being PC. A friend of mine nearly got thrown off the course for questioning whether it was acceptable for a Sikh to carry a knife through an airport. My advice would be to not go into teaching unless you're happy to toe the line and keep your head down.

In relation to the article from what I saw when I was teaching the teaching community seems very split- there are the intelligent, rational minded pro science lot and there are the teachers who are at the other extreme. Both sides have their agendas! The other side seem to have more influence though and seem more determined. The teachers on our side don't seem to have the heart to change things.

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