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I suppose the next question is, what to do with those 29 % of teachers ? Identify them, and send them for remedial training ? Drill down the statistics a bit to see if they were mostly from faith-based schools, and therefore a good reason to insist that science in those schools be taught by a NON-faith-based person ? If those schools refuse, close them down. We need a plan of action.t

If they refuse to receive 'remedial training' then they should be sent to the Gulag or other re-education centers. Close down all schools that do not accept the obvious truth. Its a national disgrace. As another poster puts it 'childhood indoctrination is terribly powerful' and all good atheists must ensure that children get the right kind of atheist indoctrination - especially as we need to reeducate the children from their natural prospensity to believe in God. How will they accept the truth if we do not indoctrinate them? Or if we allow them to hear any kind of alternative? There is only ONE truth. Don't let children think about it or question. That is far too dangerous.

Tue, 23 Dec 2008 14:34:00 UTC | #291241